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If you can’t travel physically, do it virtually.

If you enjoy art, culture, nature, or puzzles, we hope you will find some inspiration here today that will cheer you up. Don't worry; you won't necessarily need a VR headset.
VR headset

With the introduction of the third lockdown in the UK and similar restrictions worldwide, we are all pursuing little escapes without leaving our homes. Starting from today, we will share a series of blog posts in the hope of brightening your mood and inspiring your future travels. If you enjoy art, culture, nature, or puzzles, we hope you will find some inspiration here today that will cheer you up.

See the northern lights in real-time.

Photographer William Briscoe travels around the Arctic circle and captures the beauty of the Aurora Borealis aka the Northern Lights. In his 12-minute real-time video of the moonlit Otto Lake, Briscoe takes us to Alaska to see the northern lights in 360 degrees which means that you can change your view and follow the fantastic formations across the sky as they flow.

Visit the Giant’s Causeway in 360.

Formed on the Atlantic coast of Northern Ireland about 60 million years ago, the Giant’s Causeway emerged from consecutive lava flows, crawling towards the shore and cooling when they contacted the sea. The unique view of 40,000 interlocking polygonal columns extend along the coast for 33 miles, forming a pavement fit for giants. If you haven’t visited the Giant’s Causeway yet, here is a starting point to see the area in 360 photos and imagine your future trips.

Discover art collections

From London to Paris, New York to Tokyo, renowned museums bring art collections to our homes with a partnership with Google Culture Institute. You can reveal the stories behind some of the world-famous artworks and feel surrounded by art with VR videos, such as the revival of Bruegel’s “A Fall with the Fallen Angels”.

Travel through the British Museum timeline.

The Museum of The World is an interactive timeline that goes back almost 2 million years and allows you to surf through the British Museum collection. You can view the connections between the pieces and discover each piece’s story and origins in text and audio.

Throw a virtual puzzle party this weekend.

There are plenty of games on Google Arts & Culture that art enthusiasts can enjoy, especially under lockdown. One of those activities is the Puzzle Party, an interactive puzzle game that you can play solo or invite family and friends to solve the puzzles together. The Wonders of Mexico edition is featuring the works of Mexican painters, including Frida Kahlo.

Next time…

In the upcoming months, we will be sharing some inspiration and insights into the UK counties and cities. If you have any places in mind that you want us to include in our series, let us know. We will be delighted to hear from you.

Until next time, stay safe and sane.

Written by

Merve Goulding

January 15, 2021

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